music has unique ability to trigger deep emotions, thoughts and experiences. music can touch the innermost parts of your soul - so let's just do that.


"Follow your heart. Celebrate every moment of your life. Stay yourself - stay crazyamazy. Dare to be different. Live in contrast - listen Kontrust. Music is the cure. Love red, love rock, love life!"


In the end, it's always about that famous one spark. If it jumps over to just one person, all the effort and work has been worth it.


"music is the souls catalyst"


"KONTRUST is all about motion, movement and development. At every show I´m searching for a special musical connection, a kind of flow state - or I’m just having the time of my life."


"making a huge rock crowd mosh and jump performing your own music is pure energy. people celebrating with you kicks off the adrenaline rush. get loud - feel the festival - enjoy the show"


„Music and drumming have the power to transcend language and connect people on a deeper level. The rhythmic beats of drums can ignite emotions and create a universal language that brings joy and happiness. They set up creativity and unite people from all over the world.“