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KONTRUST are touring together in the current formation since 2005. The crossover act KONTRUST fortifies their unique musical style with their smashing new studio album "SECOND HAND WONDERLAND" set for release in april 2012 to succeed the very successful album "Time To Tango".

KONTRUSTs 2010 hit single "BOMBA" stormed top chart positions in the Netherlands and expanded the bands growing success beyond international borders. It can be found as a "Hardcore Polka Version" on their new album "Second Hand Wonderland".

In august of 2011 KONTRUST plays the 17th annual Przystanek Woodstock festival in front of over 300.000 people and set a new record for largest audience ever played by an Austrian artist. The band is an established act in Austria's music scene and well known for their numerous successful international shows. Swiftly the 7 piece becomes renowned in Europe's music scene.

Growing legions of fans and great international music press reviews approve the bands new line-up from 2011. After receiving the Austrian Newcomer Award in 2006, KONTRUST is awarded with the AMADEUS Austrian Music Award in 2010. Following the bands last year's digital release of the polish version of their last album "Time To Tango" entitled "Czas na Tango", their hit single "Bomba" breaks the 2.000.000 views marker on YouTube.

The band always surprises with new unique concepts,creative ideas and stunning live shows. Elements of KONTRUST that will prevail in the future.



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